Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gems and Symmetry: Momentum OKC Artist Alaina Hunt

This post is part of our series on Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's Momentum OKC 2014. Momentum exhibits Oklahoma artists ages 30 and younger in a venue created specifically for them, helping them gain experience and meet new audiences. Today we are featuring Momentum artist Alaina Hunt from Norman, OK.

Laura Reese: What is your concept and inspiration for this piece in Momentum?
Alaina Hunt: My chief inspiration for delta II and many of my other pieces comes from my fascination with how gems and minerals form in nature and the minute intricacies that every specimen has that make it exceptional in its own way.  

LR: Please explain the technique and/or process you used to create this work.
AH: Over the years I've collected hundreds of specimen photos and have even taken some of my own specimen photos and used them in my digital collages.  I like to create my own superclusters of minerals or highlight a particular feature of a specific specimen through digital collage to bring out the its unique aesthetic properties.  The tiniest facet, scratch, or inclusion, when mirrored or layered digitally, can change the way you see the mineral entirely.  
chrysocolla, celestite, smoky quartz, native silver and arsenic  (delta II)by Alaina Hunt, photo collage, digital print, $75
LR: Is this work part of a series?
AH: delta II is the second piece in a three-piece series examining the geometric harmony of the triangle illustrated through shapes found in my favorite mineral specimens.  

Where else can the audience see your work? (website, gallery, etc)

The delta series as well as my other digital works can be viewed on my website

Momentum Tulsa opens March 7 & 8 with live music, performance, and visual art by 98 young Oklahomans. The exhibition remains on display until March 10 at the Farmer's Public Market OKC, 311 S Klein. Learn more or buy tickets at

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