Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Squaring Illusion: 12x12 Artist Christie Owen

Guest Interviewer: Cayla Lewis

Christie Owen , Edmond
Christie Owen, Annecto, Steel, 12x12"
Q: Can you describe the process in creating your 12x12 piece?
Owen: I am utilizing the cubic space of 12″ X 12″ to create a steel sculpture. The process involves cutting steel rods, grinding, polishing and welding. From start to finish it takes about 35 hours.

For a step by step view of the process go to:

Q: What was the inspiration for this work?
Owen: I was inspired by the 12" x 12" dimensions and how that space could become a simplistic yet dynamic optical illusion.

Q: Is there a particular medium you are currently drawn to?
Owen: Steel. It is a powerful, energetic and durable medium. Working with steel is a primal activity. The physicality of the labor involved makes me feel balanced.

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