Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drawing on Seeing: 12x12 Artist Becky Way

Guest Interviewer: Cayla Lewis

Becky Way, Yukon 
Becky Way, Sittin' Pretty, Pastel, 12x12
Q: Has your childhood been a big influence on your work? If so, please explain.
Becky Way: My second (or third) childhood has been a larger influence in my work than actual childhood. I did draw a lot as a child, with everything and ON everything I could get my hands on.

Q: Do you have a favorite location or object to use for subject matter in your work?
BW: I like still life objects because they don't move, the light stays the same, and there are no bugs involved. I do like to draw outside and take photos to turn into abstract landscapes in the studio. For fun, I love to fill sketchbooks with drawings and sketches of people and animals.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for an emerging artist?
BW: Learn to draw. Study with teachers whose work you admire. Read books written by artists you admire. But above all, learn to draw, because drawing isn't learning how to coordinate your hand and eye, but is rather learning how to see. If you can see well, it will translate into your painting.

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