Monday, February 27, 2012

Tahlia Roper: Living With and In Art

Guest Author: Beth Downing
Tahlia Roper, Escape, digital photography, 30x24, 2012
 Tahlia Roper kind of defies classification as an artist. She’s a photographer (and new to it), a watercolor artist, and a videographer. She infuses satire and comedy into her work, especially her videos. On the Tulsa Art Studio Tour, be sure to ask her about “Smoothieland,” a video tribute to her day job, or her “Comment Box” installation piece.

She’s a long-time Tulsa resident that took a brief sojourn to Utah for about five months and then returned to Oklahoma. And it turns out moving back was a good thing – it sparked her creativity and she’s been actively working on her artwork ever since she got back. As for the art scene here, she’s still working her way into it by attending openings and volunteering at Momentum Tulsa this year.

In fact, her first contact with OVAC was at Momentum Oklahoma City a few years ago. While she was there, she met JP Morrison and ended up being a model for one of her pieces, which now hangs in the living room. 
Tulsa Art Studio Tour featured artist Tahlia Roper
She’s working her way towards getting her work out there – so far, she’s had an exhibition at Elements Spa at the former Crowne Plaza (now Hyatt) downtown and pieces at a few retail shops and restaurants around town. She says she wants “to be fully prepared” before doing a big show.

Unlike most, Tahlia’s studio is fully integrated into her living space. Essentially her entire living room and dining room are consumed with plotters, paints, supplies, a vintage camera collection, video editing equipment, and more. There’s a lot to look at, and Tahlia’s conversation is infused with that same sort of satire as well - be sure to stop by this young artist’s house on the Tulsa Art Studio Tour in April!

Check out more about Roper on her two blogs or

See working artists' spaces during the self-guided Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 21 and 22. A Preview exhibition  opens March 1, 5-8 pm at the Circle Cinema, 12 S. Lewis in Tulsa.

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