Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eric Fransen: Solving Math Problems

Guest Author: Beth Downing
Eric Fransen, Golden Sectional, Walnut veneer, 34x39x21, 2008
Mathematician? Check. Woodworker? Check. Has the largest collection of woodworking tools most people on the Tulsa Art Studio Tour will ever see? Most definitely.

Eric Fransen’s “studio” is a warehouse in an unassuming part of downtown Tulsa. It works as a studio/”low-fi” art gallery and twice a year, is the backdrop for a 300+ person party complete with local band and of course, amazing art. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his front showroom, where he’ll display samples of his pieces during the Tour.
Eric Fransen, Golden Sectional, Walnut veneer, 34x39x21, 2008
His pieces are true amalgamations of his curious set of talents. He combines a mathematical and engineering mindset with fine materials (wood from local sawyers and reclaimed barn siding and timbers) and out comes fine furniture for clients here in Tulsa and across the nation.
Tulsa Art Studio Tour featured artist Eric Fransen
For example, he’s built a cabinet where each of the drawers corresponds to a number in the Fibonacci sequence. For a table, each of the curved pieces is a part of a whole circle. He makes pieces like this for exhibitions as well as commissioned work for clients. 

He’s been making furniture since the seventh grade and still digs it, “I’m happy doing things with my head and my hands. My mom told me that I am truly kinesthetic and she’s right.”

See working artists' spaces during the self-guided Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 21 and 22. A Preview exhibition  opens March 1, 5-8 pm at the Circle Cinema, 12 S. Lewis in Tulsa.

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