Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cathy Deuschle: A Studio of One’s Own

Guest Author: Beth Downing
Cathy Deuschle, PlumagePowder pigment on wings, apothecary jars, 
encaustic and paper on wood, brass, 10" x 11" x 7"
Painter Cathy Deuschle has a very long relationship with her studio – 20 years, to be exact. She works in a detached cottage from the main house and she says that a few years ago she “got serious and kicked everyone out – the dogs and the kids.”

Her workspace is infused with abundant natural light, so much which in the height of summer, she has to cover the windows to keep it cool. Her current project, paintings of broken mirrors reflecting themselves at different times of the day, echoes the importance of that natural light. She calls this new work “tonic” because it’s all about geometry and composition. These works hang all over the walls and the broken-mirror subject sits in the corner, waiting to be captured in another hour or so.
Tulsa Art Studio Tour featured artist Cathy Deuschle 
 “My favorite part of this space is that it’s mine,” she says. “I don’t have to explain it to anyone. I can sing and dance and spread out and make a mess and throw things on the floor.” This year’s tour was a bit of a challenge for her, and she’s grown more confident in herself in planning to have people come in and look at her work. OVAC has been a good source of meeting other artists, as well as her teaching duties.

Be sure to stop by Cathy’s studio during the Tour coming in April.

See working artists' spaces during the self-guided Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 21 and 22. A Preview exhibition  opens March 1, 5-8 pm at the Circle Cinema, 12 S. Lewis in Tulsa.

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