Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Artist Profile: Christopher Westfall

Guest Author: Taylor Goode, Intern

Christopher Westfall is a fine art painter specializing in oil and acrylic paintings. He resides in Tulsa with his wife, and paints the landscapes and cityscapes around him. Among his many shows and awards, he is appearing in his fifth show at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa through November 14. He will also be appearing at he Harvest Art Faire on November 4 from 10am-4pm.
Christopher Westfall, Autumn Reflections, Acrylic, 24x36"
Q: Why do you paint landscapes and cityscapes?
Westfall: It’s what I like. Ninety percent of the things I paint are twenty miles or closer to where I live. I paint mostly the landscapes of Tulsa.

Q: Do you only paint with acrylic and oil?
Westfall: I started painting with water color until I was around thirty. I realized I could manipulate acrylic to look like water color. I worked with acrylic more and more and was able to evolve them into looking like oil paints. People always asked me if they were oils. I started working with oils after that and I like working with them now.
Christopher Westfall, Bartlett Square, Acrylic, 30x40"
Q: When you took a hiatus from doing freelance and commercial artwork, what motivated you to start showing your work again?
Westfall: At the time, I was painting one picture a year until my thirties. I just stored them away. Before my wife and I were married, she came over and saw them. She liked them and told me that I need to be showing and selling them places. So my wife got me back into it, and I’ve just been enjoying it and doing it ever since.

Q: What can you tell me about the Collector’s Reserve at the Gilcrease Museum?
Westfall: The first year I did the show at Gilcrease, it was a miniature show. It was nice, but a little cramped. People didn’t really get to stand back and look at the art. The show I’m doing this year is a really nice show. All the artist’s have their own individual space. People can stand back and take in the painting. Two of the paintings are from Tulsa. One painting called “Tranquility” was a stream in town. I really liked how the sunlight reflects off the water.  I like working with the light and water in my paintings.
Christopher Westfall, From Mather Point, Acrylic, 36x48"
Q: Growing up, did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
Westfall: Well I always knew I had an aptitude for it. I never did think that I would be making a living from it though. I knew I would either be doing something with computers or art. It was a personal debate for a while. (laughs) I might have been better with computers.  In the end, I followed more of my heart. This is my dream job now. I can’t see doing anything else, and I feel very fortunate and blessed.

Q: How did you get involved with the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition?
Westfall: I decided to join OVAC about four years ago. I found the workshops very interesting. I took a workshop at the Philbrook a couple years ago that was very helpful to me. I also liked the website that OVAC had put together. I like the ability to be able to see everyone’s artwork, and be able to go to the other artists links. It allows people to view the work who may be interested.

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