Monday, November 1, 2010

Hitchhikers Guide To The Gallery

By Sue Clancy (with apologies to Douglas Adams)

Congratulations! This guide is for Brave Artists – if you are reading this you must be one!

In an Art Universe filled with Galleries the Brave Artist must be prepared to encounter two different species, the WonderBeings and the Vorgons.  Both species may come disguised as artists, gallery owners, collectors, volunteers, publishers, museums and non-profit organizations.  Even more confusing is the fact that WonderBeings can become Vorgons and Vorgons can become WonderBeings.  For a Brave Artist to be prepared and (hopefully) safely encounter these species and traverse the Galleries – detecting BS, avoiding Black Holes, or successfully navigating them – it is essential that the artist carry and use two things: a working BSM and a Towel.  

[To activate this guide extend a thumb and click on the links.]


Andrew said...

Thank you Sue.

Istvan Gallery said...

This is applicable to galleriests as well.