Monday, November 8, 2010

Artist Profile: Lori Oden

Guest Author: Kacie Sherrard, Intern
Lori Oden, I am Safe in Here, Platinum/Palladium print, 10x8" 
Photographer Lori Oden is a native Oklahoman who shows us that a “picture truly is worth a thousand words.” She shares a bit of someone’s story with each photo she captures. Recently, OVAC grant recipient, Oden’s work was on display at the Istvan Gallery in Oklahoma City. Her exhibit was entitled Write me a Photograph. In this unique display of stunning photography, Lori developed her inspiration for each photo from the written letters of 50 people from across the state. These general prose letters could be about absolutely anything, such as love, forgiveness, anger, or even political views. From these letters, mixed media and photographic pieces were created. Twenty-five were chosen for her exhibit.

Through this distinctive idea, Oden was able to capture and display original art inspired by the written words from friends near and far.  She responded to a few questions about her work:
Lori Oden, Waiting for the Right Words, Platinum/Palladium print, 4x5" 
Q: On a regular basis, where does your inspiration come from?
Oden: Most of my inspiration comes from antique shops and reading.

Q: Where did your idea for Write Me a Photograph come from?
Oden: I wanted to create a new body of work and so I started thinking about what I like, and one thing I like is receiving and writing letters. Since I sometimes get inspiration from reading, this idea came to mind.
Q: What role did your Creative Projects Grant from Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition play in your process?
Oden: I came up with the idea and knew I might need some funding, so I tried to come up with a project that would be interesting enough to be funded and well-received by the public.

Q: What was your favorite part of this creative adventure?
Oden: I enjoy all aspects of the project, sincerely.

Q: What was your greatest challenge throughout this endeavor?
Oden: Finding a place to have the show, mainly because I don’t like asking, but I did and it worked out great!

More of Lori’s work can be seen here or read about her in this past Art Focus Oklahoma article. Her work will be featured in Individual Artists of Oklahoma’s Red Dot fundraiser Friday, November 12.  OVAC artist grants are available for project and have quarterly deadlines. Learn more on OVAC’s website

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