Thursday, March 4, 2010

Momentum Artist: Sarah Clough Chambers, OKC

Sarah Clough Chambers, OKC
Tragedy at the Balloon Fair
Oil on Canvas
Q: What was the concept behind your Momentum artwork?
A: My husband saw a primitive version of this in my sketchbook, and asked me to paint it. I went back and forth in thinking it’s a ridiculous frivolous painting, and knowing how interesting it could be if done right. I think a lot about which animals go in and out of fashion and how they’re portrayed. I’ve seen a lot of octopi, birds, and deer recently in jewelry and graphic design, but I notice none are really about the animal, or communicating anything about it. It’s more human interpretation-focused or anthropomorphized. I don’t think octopi are cuddly and cute; they’re strong and crafty, with an extremely complex sensory system. They have no bones, and they can taste what they touch. I like how completely removed they are from our own species, almost alien (some myths say just that). I like thinking about how we share a planet with organisms that are about as old as dirt, and how relatively short a time people have been around. I like to think about how our species might change as we evolve, and to what extent our biological systems determine the things people like to view as unique to humans: our emotions, the presence or absence of a soul. Will we become more or less similar to other species? In which direction would we go of we could determine it?

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used to create your Momentum work.
A: This was the first thing I’ve painted without models or based on my photos. My husband liked the grouping of the subjects so I kept the basic design the same as what I sketched – balloons on top, lady and octopus falling in the center. The old lady transformed from scrawny and dirty to shapely, and I struggled with the idea of trying to capture the effects of a body falling through air, or even accurately capturing the effects of age on a body, and ultimately scrapped it. I wanted the colors to be natural and organic-looking, so I shied from primary colors, and mixed my own, I used a lot of purples and browns. I looked at pictures of octopi and visualized where and how its legs would look falling. I was amazed at how beautiful and singular octopi are, and without the repetition of the suction cups how uninteresting this painting would be.

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