Thursday, March 4, 2010

Momentum Artist: Jeanne Ward, OKC

Jeanne Ward, OKC

Don’t Judge Me and I Want to Read You

Q: What was the concept behind your Momentum artwork?
A: My prints address personal and social issues with regards to women. They are self-portraits because the messages I am conveying are significant to me and the text I include is from my poetry and journal entries. Art and relationships are often the subjects of my prints. These pieces give the viewer insight into my perception about society and the strength of women.

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used to create your Momentum work.
A: I used the reductive method of screenprinting to create these prints. The vibrant colors I used are representative of the positive mood I set out to express. These pieces were printed on pages I took from an art book in an attempt to step outside the traditional realm of screenprinting on printmaking paper. The translucency of the ink with the words showing through created an interesting effect I had not been able to achieve with any of my traditional prints.

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