Thursday, March 4, 2010

Momentum Artist: Erin Schalk, Moore

Erin Schalk, Moore

Mandatory Embarkation
Acrylic and Screenprint on Canvas

Q: What was the concept behind your Momentum artwork?
A: The idea behind Mandatory Embarkation is that no matter how much we try to control the sequence of events of our lives, inevitably life will force us to go in directions we did not plan on going. My organically based line drawings give the impression of shifting movement, and their faint edges often appear to be unraveling. This sense of movement in a prevalent theme in my work, and it symbolizes constant shift of the world, ourselves, and the transience of what we hold dear. Furthermore, my abstract work is emotion-based and in the ominous qualities of this piece, I strove represent the anxiety we often feel in uncontrollable situations by organizing the composition in a way in which raw green edges slowly encroach on the “safer,” central space.

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used to create your Momentum work.
A. Mandatory Embarkation is one of a series of screen-printed paintings. I begin with an unstretched canvas and first paint a layer of gesso. Over the gesso, I paint glazes with translucent pigments which are the major colors of the intended color scheme. Next, using screen-printing medium which allows my acrylic paints to pass through my screen without clogging the mesh, I screen-print my abstract line drawings in clusters onto the canvas. I keep small plastic containers of paint nearby during the screen-printing process, and I often paint over parts of the printed images before printing again. The purpose of this is to begin blending the painted and printed elements early on, as well as build up depth in layers of barely visible printed images which can only be viewed at close range. Once I feel that I have enough printed material to work with, I stretch the canvas onto a stretcher and paint until I feel that the piece is finished.

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