Thursday, February 18, 2010

Momemtum Spotlight Artist: Delvie MacPherson

Delvie MacPherson, Momentum Spotlight artist, never really intended to be an artist.

“I started at Oklahoma State University as a biology major,” he said. “Then I switched to advertising and then graphic design. I heard the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond was a good school for graphic design, but then I fell in love with the art program and decided to do that.”

Elements of biology and design are evident in MacPherson’s work, however, with his spotlight project “Nature’s Runway,” serving as a prime example. The work incorporates the biology of nature with high-fashion design in a New-York style runway show in which the models and their accessories are all fashioned with objects found in nature.

Outside of his Momentum Spotlight project, MacPherson often allows his upbringing in rural Oklahoma to influence his work and also enjoys creating wearable art — much of which he himself wears.

“I do a lot of small brooches, pieces I wear when go to art shows,” he said. “I make pieces out of wood or copper, make them into shapes I see from nature. I do a lot of forming and hammering, and I mix a lot of copper and wood together.

“I like to work with patinas; I like the way it makes things look like they’ve been in nature for a while. It creates texture by eating it away, changing the color of the surface of the metal.”

Guest Blogger: Holly Wall

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