Friday, February 19, 2010

Momemtum Spotlight Artist: Geoffrey Hicks

In his own words, Momentum Spotlight artist Geoffrey Hicks describes his project, titled Heartbeat.

"Heartbeat is a large-scale installation/performance featuring a hanging sculptural mass of 150-plus light bulbs. Each clear incandescent light bulb is suspended from the ceiling individually with black wire. The light bulbs will form a cloud-like organic group that radiates from a center core and spreads out. Depending on the size of the space, the sculpture should be eight to twelve feet wide and hang out of reach to those walking under it. Guest Blogger: Holly Wall

The sculpture is designed to react to heartbeats of individuals connected to the installation. Modern and classical dancers will perform underneath the installation while their heart rate is transmitted via Bluetooth to the sculpture. The lights pulse in ratio with the performers heart rate, starting at lower levels and then rising. At low heart rates, only the center of sculpture would react and as the heartbeat increases it would grow to the outer edges.

In between dance performances, the audience will be able to use a finger clip-style heart rate sensor to connect themselves to the installation and affect the sculpture.

I hope that viewers will find my installation to be an interesting departure from what they expect to see at a visual arts show. I want to combine performance based art with installation art as well as audience interactivity to make an engaging experience.

This is my first project to have a performance aspect to it. I am looking forward to making more performance art related installations in the future. I am interested in combining performers, art, and technology into unique installations."

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