Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Momemtum Spotlight Artist: Amber Farnell

Momemtum Spotlight artist Amber Farnell has created an artwork that speaks to the instability of the national housing market and the popular practice of “flipping” houses. “Society, You’re a Crazy Breed” is a replicated suburban subdivision on stilts, towering about its viewers, almost God-like in its authority.

Farnell spoke with OVAC about why, without the Momentum Spotlight grant, her project would not have been possible.

Q: Would you have had time, money, or resources to do the project without the Momentum grant? Why or Why not?
A: The Momentum Spotlight grant has given me a great opportunity. Without this grant, I would not be able to do this project. The cost of the materials and transporting it would not have been possible.

Q: Has the project evolved since you’ve begun to work on it?
A: It has changed slightly. After meeting with the curators and discussing my project with them, they made me feel more confident. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when working with a project this large. Figuring out the materials, tools, and even a space large enough to make the work has been a challenge. Not only aesthetically, but the actual process of making it which will change the outcome as I go. I like to be free and open-minded while working and allow change if it occurs.

Q: How is this project different from or similar to work you do or have done?
A: This is the largest project I have ever worked on, and the larger stage has allowed me to be more ambitious. I have been working with the idea of foreclosure in past artwork, such as “My house is bigger than your house-Foreclosure.” This sculpture was built out of wood and was made to resemble the framing of a house where several of them were then stacked on top of one another.

Guest Blogger: Holly Wall

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