Sunday, September 20, 2009

12x12 Artist: Elizabeth Brown

In order to get prepared for the 12x12 Art Show and Sale September 26, I interviewed a few of the artists to find out a little more about their pieces and to delve into the mind of a 12x12 artist. I wanted to find out how these artists conceived of their 12x12 pieces and if the size limitation affected their concept or process. Here is what they had to say…

Elizabeth Brown:

For Brown, the size limitations of the 12x12 exhibit greatly affected her concept. Brown knew that she wanted to follow a current trend in her recent work and make an organic, three dimensional piece. However, she did not want to work in a cube format- although boxes are common to her work-and instead decided to use a sphere, which she found to be more organic. While the spherical shape does not fill the entire 12x12 area, Brown has chosen bright colors that seem to radiate from the object, filling up the excess space.

Additionally she build up the sphere, which started out as a Styrofoam ball by adding layers of foam, plaster, and cracked glaze. Brown says that she used this opportunity to experiment with her work, discovering how to take what she does and make it fit a new format.

By guest blogger: Katie Seefeldt, Art Focus Oklahoma intern
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