Monday, September 21, 2009

12x12 Artist: David Phelps

In order to get prepared for the 12x12 Art Show and Sale September 26, I interviewed a few of the artists to find out a little more about their pieces and to delve into the mind of a 12x12 artist. I wanted to find out how these artists conceived of their 12x12 pieces and if the size limitation affected their concept or process. Here is what they had to say…

David Phelps:

Phelps’ piece, Deep Calm, was greatly affected by the size limitations of the show because the size of the piece determines which elements are available for him to utilize. For Deep Calm, Phelps used a variety of processes including sculpting in clay, rubber mold making, wax casting, bronze casting, bronze patination, steel fabrication including oxy/acetelene cutting, mig welding, grinding and polishing, and steel patination.

By guest blogger: Katie Seefeldt, Art Focus Oklahoma intern
See a preview of most of the 12x12 Artwork here.

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