Saturday, September 19, 2009

12x12 Artist: Kathleen Rivers

In order to get prepared for the 12x12 Art Show and Sale September 26, I interviewed a few of the artists to find out a little more about their pieces and to delve into the mind of a 12x12 artist. I wanted to find out how these artists conceived of their 12x12 pieces and if the size limitation affected their concept or process. Here is what they had to say…

Kathleen Rivers:

Rivers’ piece was the product of a series she made in which she experimented with ways to use encaustic, oil sticks, collage, and lithography. Kathleen’s current work deals with the theme of the nest, which represents the home, but she has becoming increasingly interested in fish as well. Kathleen didn’t mind the limitations of the project, in fact, she says she has been working with the square format for years and finds that it suits her nest images well because fitting the circular shape of the nest onto the square canvas seems to add an element of security to the fragile “home.” She began each piece of the series with paper collage on top of which she printed the nest. Next she added the fish, which was either painted or drawn, then worked back and forth with encaustic, collage and oil sticks.

By guest blogger: Katie Seefeldt, Art Focus Oklahoma intern
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