Monday, March 2, 2009

Query: Feedback

How do you get feedback on your work? I'm curious whether you get comments on your work as you go, before you show it, or only after it is hanging in public (and then is it feedback you want? Or that is useful?). I am interested to see artists using online methods to get responses-- working for you?

I've heard from several folks wanting to start critique groups. Interested? Have experience in this area? Let me know.


KyleGolding said...

I would love to get/give feedback. Can only make you a better artist.

sarah makes pictures said...

I would also love to have periodic feedback from my peers. Once in awhile, I've posted unfinished images online to see what people think, and that's been valuable.

I would enjoy critical feedback that's freed from the pressures of trying to get a good grade, or pleasing a professor or fellow students, or generally playing the art school game.