Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exhibits: Michi Susan at JRB Art at The Elms

Guest Blog from Art Focus Oklahoma intern Maria Glover:

Wow…was my general impression of Michi Susan’s art work as I took a tour of her exhibit last Thursday at JRB Art at the Elms in Oklahoma City. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised that she offers such a variety. Her collection produces the most eclectic showcase; from mixed media paintings and festive kimonos to decorative poles displaying her Japanese culture. Such an assortment, I didn’t know where to begin!

My favorite pieces are the “Bird Song” series. The series has a personality of it’s own and includes a conglomeration of glued paper music notes, Hershey wrappers, puzzle pieces, Japanese stamps and yarn just to name a few. “Through the Window” is a colorful series of mixed media acrylic paintings with abstract views of country settings seen through windows. Susan’s whimsical “Wind Song” pieces are a mix of yarn, cloth, paper, and painting on canvas. The doll- like statues are the most fascinating and unexpected pieces entitled “Folk Festival”. From a far they appear to be traditional colorful sculptures in Japanese kimonos. After taking a closer look I was surprised to find that there are more than just beads but an assortment of jewelry, Cola caps, feathers, and actual keys! Talk about utilizing what you have, Susan definitely does.

Michi Susan’s use of ordinary things that you find in your house is inspiring. All in all it is an extraordinary showcase that offers much texture and color and a little bit of everything. Great show!-Maria Glover

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