Thursday, February 26, 2009

Opportunity: Get away and make art

Ok. Usually our blog is focused on content not just promotion, but I have to spend some bytes touting our April 24/25/26 retreat for artists at Quartz Mountain.

Kelsey and the ASK Committee have cooked up a great line up of speakers mainly to address residencies and funding for artists. We have the director of the Alliance of Artists Communities (the experts about space/time/money to make artwork), Caitlin Strokosch, coming!

I'm saddened by how few Oklahoma artists apply for or take advantage of artist residencies. There are are amazing spaces all over the world, there to help artists make work, have space and build community. Many do not charge!! Or have fellowship opportunities.

Also, do I need to mention that Quartz Mountain is gorgeous at this time of year? Check for the full retreat schedule.

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