Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exhibition: ambitious OCU grads

On exhibit now through May 9 at the Norick Art Center at Oklahoma City University is an exhibition of ambitious soon-to-be graduates who have obviously devoted themselves to their studio practice. Especially notable, Shannon Crider, Clinton Bowman and Jackie Jones have definitely honed their artistic voices while in school.

Crider's patterned, wistful collages show both technical skill and emotional depth. The layers of the physical painting mirror the layers of history that seem to lie in each image. Jones' portraits scream with personality. Somewhere outside Chuck Close's over sized portraits and Andy Warhol's outrageous colors, Jones captures verve. Bowman's photographs chronicle surreal spaces. His eye for negative space and color enliven what almost seems like photographs of a possible future.

Congratulations to these seniors.

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USpace said...

Well done! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL Grads!

Hey young Grads
good show I say
you've done it now
you showed us how

You've had some good times
You've made some good friends
now some will go off
to do it again

So good luck in college
You can do it
Have a real wild time
but don't over do it

Try to make friends fast
many of the early ones
will be the ones
who last

Unless you love
to get up early
don't schedule your classes
way too early

And try to get to class
as much as you can
you'll be glad you did
then you'll deserve a cold can

But try not to party
too much before class
you'll more likely attend
and you won't be an ass

If you fail the easy Calc
don't take the harder one
just keep your eye on the ball
between all the fun

You'll be entering
sort of a fantasy land
of reading, writing, and thinking
with those who can lend a hand

So, do your best with grades
but at least finish the task
and soon another graduation
will come at last...

and HAVE FUN!!!