Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Artist Statement Challenge

As I'm sure many of you are preparing your packets for the Fellowship entry deadline next week (see Julia's recent post below), you will see that one of the required materials is an artist statement. This can be one of the most difficult portions of putting together an application like this one. A recent Artist Survival Kit workshop covered the topic of writing artist statements and I thought I'd share a list of websites that were gathered for that workshop. There are numerous websites out there dedicated to helping artists with their statements but this list should get you started.

A website that relates writing an artist statement to making a stew. It may sound a little cheesy at first but it is quite helpful in getting you to ask yourself the right questions. It also provides a couple of examples.

A website with a collection of articles on why artist statements are important and what to consider when writing one.

More examples of artist statements.

Here is a website of “frequently asked questions” as well as a resource for more examples.

A basic overview of what an artist statement is.

Another overview with links to related information.

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