Monday, May 5, 2008

Tip for artists: The Web

It takes only a few minutes to be sure your artwork is visible online. In this immediate culture, it is so important to have some quality, representative images available online. If you are reading this blog entry, I am likely preaching to the choir. Daily there are circumstances where people are looking for artists for projects, commissions, and exhibitions on short time deadlines. They want to see the artists' work we are referring. For quick turn around and ease of those seeking artists, they don't want to call you to ask for images.

Make it easy on the people looking for your art. If you don't have a website and aren't on OVAC's Virtual Gallery (and you all should be!), you can get online free with just a few images and some profile information at Flickr and MySpace. These sites take very little technical know how. I set up my Flickr in under 5 minutes a few weeks ago. Artists frequently tell me they are "working on their website." Don't delay. All websites are a work in progress and of course we want them to be beautiful, but it is more important to be seen.

Excellent tips about artist websites can be found on the Artist Trust website and through Alyson Stanfield's site.

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