Friday, January 17, 2014

"It's your show" - Artist Bryan Cook on Momentum

This post is part of our series on Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's Momentum OKC 2014. For young artists, Momentum is often the first major group show, and a great experience. But, the application process, and potential rejection, can seem intimidating. In an attempt to demystify the process, I sat down with various artists to discover their experience with Momentum. Today we are featuring highlights from an interview with artist and Momentum committee co-chair Bryan Cook.
Bryan Cook, OKC, Coconino National Forest, Photograph, in 2011 Momentum exhibition
Laura Reese: Could you tell me a bit about your experience with Momentum as an artist?
Bryan Cook: The first Momentum I was part of was 2011. It was the first show I sold something in.

I think it played its role perfectly; I learned about the things expected of a submitting artist, watching people look at my work, of course the initial surprise and satisfaction of selling work, the things Momentum is about. Without hesitation I credit my initial experience with Momentum for anything I may have been able to pull off since then.
Momentum OKC Co-Chairs Bryon Chambers & Bryan Cook
(photo by Angela Hodgkinson)
LR: What is your experience as a committee member?
BC: If you have something to say about the show, how it's presented, promoted, or otherwise handled, being on the committee is the way to make yourself heard. I've learned a lot about show organization, committee operation, fundraising, and promotion of events.
I've also been lucky to work with some really great people who are dedicated to making it better than the last year. Those are committee members, volunteers, and OVAC staff.

LR: What does Momentum offer to artists?
BC: It's one of the biggest and most accessible shows in Oklahoma, and it's about young and emerging artists. If you're new, or have a new idea, it's your show.

LR: How have you been impacted by Momentum?
BC: I wouldn't have an art practice without [Momentum].

LR: Do you have any encouraging words for young artists who want to apply to Momentum 
BC: Submit. You aren't the one that decides if your work belongs in any show. That role belongs to someone else. Your job is to show them what you can do.

Submissions for Momentum OKC are due by January 27, 2014 at 5 pm. Oklahoma artists aged 30 and younger are eligible. Momentum OKC opens March 7-8, 8-midnight, at the Farmer's Public Market, OKC.

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