Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celebrate like it's 1988: OVAC's 25th & Feature on OETA's Gallery

Though OVAC is an organization that hosts art events all the time, we don’t celebrate enough.

This Thursday evening we will celebrate as the OETA Gallery show will feature the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC) in part because of our 25th Anniversary. 

Over the fall, we recognized OVAC’s 25th Anniversary. We found it hard to focus so much of our energy on documenting and promoting our organization itself. So, we look forward to seeing OETA, a respected, public media source, take on our programs and work. 
Artist MJ Alexander's comments about how OVAC impacted her art
Because we see there is so much work to do to help artists thrive in Oklahoma, we don't usually stop to appreciate the progress we've made. The experience of hearing from artists who've been boosted because of OVAC’s work and getting donations from organizational friends new and old helped me gain a better understanding of the importance of commemorating.  

The artist-centered organization field has been notorious for not documenting their history enough. Luckily we've had great written records through our 25-year newsletter turned magazine and oral history from volunteer leaders who are still involved.

As an organization, we have to keep track of all the steps forward and setbacks to know what vision to have for the future. As an arts community, we have to know our history to build on the hard work that many have invested to improve access to the arts and the value of artists in Oklahoma. 
OVAC VP Renee Porter, OKC Mayor Mick Cornett,
OVAC staffers Julia Kirt & Kelsey Karper
Keeping the public part low-key, we celebrated through several governmental proclamations (more photos here) and a feature article about changes in the Oklahoma art community in Art Focus Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, we continue to raise funds to support expanded artist awards, professional education, organizational sustainability and public outreach.  We invite $25 for 25 years donors to see the multiplication of their donations through the power of grassroots support.

Hope you’ll check out the OETA feature and celebrate with us in your own way.

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