Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Everyone Wins" - Artist Alexandra Knox on Momentum

This post is part of our series on Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's Momentum OKC 2014. For young artists, Momentum is often the first major group show, and a great experience. But, the application process, and potential rejection, can seem intimidating. In an attempt to demystify the process, I sat down with various artists to discover their experience with Momentum. Today we are featuring highlights from an interview with artist, professor and Momentum committee member Alexandra Knox.

A current Art 365 Artist, Alexandra Knox credits some of her artistic success to Momentum.
"I have found that my confidence in my work and myself has been boosted, as well as my communication skills with curators and gallery directors," Knox said of Momentum.
Knox performing at Momentum OKC 2012
Though she has seen major successes with her art career, Knox is no stranger to rejection. "The first time I applied to Momentum, I was not accepted," said Knox. However, she used this rejection to propel her artistic practice. " I went to [Momentum] to see what my competition was, and what I needed to do to be one of those artists.  I used that opportunity to educate myself, and it worked."

Momentum does not just hold value for those young artists who do get in, however, as Knox is eager to point out: "Momentum offers the Oklahoma community a chance to educate the public on contemporary art. The opening nights for Momentum also give press to bands and local music, which just enhances the local and homegrown creative scenes of Oklahoma.  Everyone wins."

As a member of the committee Knox also gets to use her experience to benefit the next generation of Momentum artists "I feel as though since I am a veteran of Momentum, I can contribute some valuable information that can help create the best Momentum yet," she said.
Knox in her studio
What does Alexandra Knox have to say about the application process?
"Some encouraging words for young artists wanting to apply to Momentum:  JUST DO IT!  I have observed many students and young artists that are afraid of rejection and failure.  But ya can't win if you don't play, and you have to be able to take rejection as an artist.And even if you don't get accepted this time, go to the opening-- OVAC can put on a great party!"

For more information on Momentum OKC 2014 and how to submit as an artist, visit www.MomentumOklahoma.org

Submissions for Momentum OKC are due by January 27, 2014 at 5 pm. Oklahoma artists aged 30 and younger are eligible. Momentum OKC opens March 7-8, 8-midnight, at the Farmer's Public Market, OKC.

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