Tuesday, July 16, 2013

24 Works on Paper Artist: Marsha Gulick

Guest author: Jessika Davis OVAC Intern
Marsha Gulick, Barbara, Conte crayon on Strathmore toned tan sketch paper, 7”x10”
Hominy artist Marsha Gulick delivers a unique look into outer beauty through this piece entitled Barbara. This sketch appears simple but the meaning behind it is much more than an ordinary portrait.

Gulick wrote, “Barbara is a lovely lady; I wanted to show that one does not have to be young to be beautiful.”.  Guilick added she approached this piece focusing on “the beauty of just being human,” not how the world has defined beauty. The execution of how Gulick sees Barbara introduces a different way to view beauty in this 20 minute sketch.

Jessika Davis: How did you visualize your subject before you expressed that on paper?
Marsha Gulick: My piece "Barbara" is simply a sketch from a model. I believe that Portrait and Figural Drawing requires the highest degree of skill. It requires you to synthesize what you see into a recognizable structure of line and shape. The only way to acquire this skill is to draw often. It's very much like playing the piano; you have to practice! 

JD: In this 20 minute sketch, you said you wanted to show how “one does not have to be young to be beautiful.” Could you expand on that statement?   
MG: The models we hire are mostly young women. I think this is because they have the most confidence in their looks. In our society today, not many folks would have the nerve to tell their peers that they are a model unless they look like a fashion model. That is sad because interesting people come in all sizes and shapes! 
There is something about putting line on paper that focuses on the beauty of just being human. When I capture someone's likeness in a drawing I feel such joy and satisfaction that I want to shout, "Look! Look how I see you! Look how beautiful you are!"

This artwork will be featured in the 24 Works on Paper exhibition on exhibition at IAO Gallery through August 3, 2013 and touring Oklahoma through December 2014. See venues and more information at www.24works.org

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