Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Affinity to Nature: 12x12 Artist Sharon Webster

Guest Interviewer: Cayla Lewis

Sharon Webster, Edmond
Sharon Webster, Toward the Range, Acrylic, 12x12”
Q: How do you decide which medium to use for each subject?
Sharon Webster: Many times the subject matter dictates the media that I choose. Lately, I have found, that if I respond strongly to a photo that I have taken I want to use it in many ways. I might print out a photo, then paint it in oil or acrylic or experiment with mixed media and incorporate the image somehow. I work with an image until I get it out of my system.

Q: Do your Southern roots influence the subject matter you choose?
SW: I think that my love of the outdoors influences my work more. I think I have an affinity to nature, whether the scissortails that I see throughout the area, farmland near my home or bison seen while hiking the Wichita mountains. Maybe as a southerner I am more connected to the land.

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