Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Allied Arts: Our Ally

As a fan of the arts, we thought you'd like to be a part of this united drive for the arts in Central Oklahoma (if you aren't already). Learn more about Allied Arts in this video, which gives a great overview of the importance of the arts to our communities, education and economy. 

One gift to Allied Arts of any amount supports arts education, performances, exhibitions and more cultural programming in central Oklahoma! The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, along with many other cultural organizations, relies on Allied Arts to serve the community.

Allied Arts has been uniting the arts for over 40 years, and has set a record-breaking goal to raise more than $3 million for the arts this year. Please join this huge campaign for our local arts community with a gift of any amount and show how much central Oklahoma "hearts" the arts!

Learn more and donate today at www.alliedartsokc.com.

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