Monday, October 17, 2011

Award Winning Momentum Artist: Lopeeta Tawde

What does it feel like to win the top prize? Lopeeta Tawde’s was awarded the Curators’ Choice at Momentum Tulsa for her work Copper Vessel recently. I interviewed her to learn more about her work and techniques. The Stillwater artist attends Oklahoma State University.
Lopeeta Tawde, Copper Vessel, Copper & Resin, 4"ht 
Julia Kirt: What was your idea behind the piece?
Lopeeta Tawde: Currently I am working on the body of work inspired from the nature and organic entities that are perceived as a tangible embodiment of attraction. Copper Vessel is inspired from the similar idea but reflects the other aspects of beauty that nature exhibits beneath its inhomogeneity and complexity whose form is of a purely structural origin. The vessel reflects discord and goes against the traditional perception of attractiveness. I intend to challenge this notion through my art by making jewelry out of these core organic materials as a metaphor for internal beauty.

JK: How did you create Copper Vessel technically?
LT:  Copper Vessel is raised from the 18 gauge copper flat sheet by sinking and raising technique. A disc of desired size of vessel to be raised is cut into a circle. I used 6" diameter copper sheet. Before proceeding towards the sinking process, I punched the center of the circle, and drew concentric circle with the scriber at regular intervals using the compass.  I annealed the sheet to make it soft. Then with the use of raising hammers, anvils and stake I raised flat sheet of metal into a hollow-ware object. I had attended artist David Haung's workshop in Spring 2011 that provided me with the intricate knowledge in technicalities of raising vessels. Furthermore, I developed the idea incorporating the organic form to traditional metal based object to enhance the beauty and create a nice transition between to two surfaces. I had cast honeycomb material with the resin, as resin helps to retain the originality of the material and leaves space for an imaginative interpretation to the viewer.
Lopeeta Tawde, A Pinch, Fine Silver, 1.5"ht  
JK: I’m interested in the works in different media you’ve presented at Momentum. Please tell us about your background and artistic training.
LT: I am originally from India. I received my BFA degree from Sir J J School of Arts, Mumbai, 2008 in Metal work. I studied Industry Oriented jewelry designing from Indian Institute of Gems and Jewels, 2008-09. Studying in such a prestigious institution has helped me hone my basic art skills and give art its special professional place in my life today.  I always aspired to provide to the international dynamic creative community. My quest to explore and learn more in Jewelry Designing at a larger stage has brought me to Oklahoma State University (OSU). I got an opportunity to work with fine team of professors and Jewelry artists like Chris Ramsay, Sung Yoel Lee and Martha. As a secondary major; I am continuing to work with the watercolor medium under the guidance of Professor Jack Titus. I am currently working on the body of work inspired from nature and anticipate graduating year is spring 2012. I would further continue my education with residency or Master’s program to achieve professional and academia growth as an artist.

JK: What was it like winning the top award?
LT: It was my first time for participating in the Momentum show and I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to present my piece to the people of Oklahoma. I was excited to know that I have won a Curator’s Choice award and I was delighted with the people’s response to the kind of work I am doing. This award has truly inspired me to keep working on building a professional career as an artist.

Momentum Tulsa continues through October 27 at Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 E Brady. The free gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 1-5PM, plus until 9 pm on Thursdays.


sarah makes pictures said...

What a beautiful piece, and very interesting ideas behind it. Congratulations to Ms. Tawde.

Thanks for posting a great example of an artist writing eloquently about concepts and technique.

lopita said...

Hey Sarah,
Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you have posted in and for appreciating my artwork.

romy owens said...

i loved both of lopeeta's works in momentum! well deserved curator's choice! and it sold!