Friday, April 8, 2011

Tulsa Art Studio Tour Artist: George Kountoupis

George Kountoupis, Gil, Oil

George Kountoupis - Oil and Watercolor Paint
Kountoupis studied at the University of Oklahoma and the Frank Reilly School of Art in New York and has conducted workshops for 35 years worldwide in locations such as Spain, Greece, Turkey and France. His work is included in many galleries and collections nationwide and has been included in several books such as The Best of Watercolor and Painting Light and Shadow. He received the Grumbacher Gold Medal Award and the CPS Bronze Medal Award from the American Watercolor Society.
George Kountoupis  Gil, Oil
Most Important:
Kountoupis’ focuses on technical precision, applying paint carefully en plein air in locations globally. He contends that the placement of lights and darks in an image can be the difference between a good painting and a great one. He said, “I don’t copy what I see. I paint what I want to see.”
George Kountoupis, White House, Oil

Ask about:
Working as a magician, sculpting, and painting internationally

Where to find his work:
Southwest Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Art Gallery Magazine


beggining again said...

Please! I would like to have his email adress because I think that I'm one of his relatives.

from Greece(

Stephanie from ESHM said...

I am the Manager at the Eureka Springs Historical Museum in Eureka Springs Arkansas, and we have come upon a print that I do believe he sketched in 1971. I would like to know the history of the sketch, and why he chose to sketch the building he did. Could I possibly get an e-mail also?

Stephanie from ESHM said...

My e-mail is