Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tulsa Art Studio Tour Artist: Alan Frakes

Alan Frakes, from Dumpsters Series, Oil, 9x12"

Alan Frakes - Oil and Acrylic Paint
Frakes received a BFA from the University of Tulsa in Fine Art and Graphic Design. He is a member of Oil Painters of America and has exhibited in many galleries and events. His work has been published in Better Homes and Gardens and small architecture BIG LANDSCAPES.
Alan Frakes in his studio
Most Important:
In a recent effort to take his art in a direction he had not yet tried, Frakes started painting outside on location.  He said he tries to “capture what he sees” quickly, allowing him to concentrate on color choices.  Frakes encourages anyone wanting to be an artist to just do it, trying many different materials, subjects, and methods.
Alan Frakes, Oil

Ask about:
Painting the Camelot Hotel, plein air painting, classic hot rods and motorcycles, dumpsters and shopping carts

Where to find his work: The Pierson Gallery,

Meet 9 artists and see their working spaces and during the Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 9 and 10. See this Art Focus Oklahoma article for more information or for tickets. 

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