Monday, December 13, 2010

Grant Profile: Paul Bagley

Paul Bagley, End of Migration, Agave Lantern, Mixed Media 

Paul Bagley sculpture of metal, glass, electronics, and gas lines, will be made in part with the assistance of an Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Professional Basics Grant for materials.  

Bagley created a similar piece in past, which he called his agave memory lantern.  He carried the piece through the streets of Tucson during the annual All Souls Procession.  He said, “Each panel represents as significant theme: mother, father, innocence, love. After about 20 years of slow growth, this 16 foot tall agave flower stalk suddenly appeared from the center of the daggered plant to seed only once, followed by the death of the entire plant.”
Paul Bagley, Samhain: Into Her Dreaming, Reclaimed wood,
metal, rope, mixed media, 8'x60'x15' 
He hopes to find additional funding, then to show the sculpture at Burning Man 2011 and the All Souls Procession. Investigating land art, installation, furniture, and design, Bagley has exhibited and collaborated on projects across the country.  He is an Oklahoma City resident.

More of his work can be seen on his website,

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition provides project grants to artists to help them start and grow their careers at watershed stages.  Discerning individuals and businesses support this program through donations and OVAC’s 12x12 fundraiser. The administration of the program is supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council and Allied Arts.