Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grant Profile: Denny Schmickle

Guest Author: Brooke Rowlands, intern
Denny Schmickle, Hand-printed Wallpaper, 2006
Tulsa-based artist Denny Schmickle is preparing a new body of work to showcase in mid to late summer of 2011. The project will be completed in part with the assistance of an Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Creative Projects Grant. 

Schmickle is an Assistant Professor of Department of Fine Arts at Rogers State University.  He focuses on the intersection and cross influence of graphic design, challenging concepts of graphic design, fine art, and consumer culture. “We interact with the world around us through the filter of graphic design: websites, books, groceries, everything has been designed by someone, what happens when we tweak the definitions of art and design?”
Denny Schmickle, Hand-printed Books, 2006
Schmickle’s project will consist of hand-printed wallpaper, large scale mixed-media works on paper, hand printed limited edition books, hand printed t-shirts, and furniture upholstered with hand-printed silkscreened patterns.

More information about Schmickle can be found here:

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition provides project grants to artists to help them start and grow their careers at watershed stages.  Discerning individuals and businesses support this program through contributions and OVAC’s 12x12 fundraiser. The administration of the program is supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council and Allied Arts.  

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