Wednesday, September 15, 2010

12x12 Artist: Suzanne Peck

Suzanne Peck, Truth, Graphite
Q: Tell us how you created this piece.

Peck: I created Truth with my desires to get back to drawing.  When all else fails: draw.  I can really loosen up and draw subconsciously.  It is almost therapeutic to just let oneself drift off and fill in the pieces.  The premise of having a word in the piece is to demand further investigation and to build intrigue.   I like to add hidden meanings and images; I often think there is a graphic artist in me left over from the art deco era.  It was created with three different pencil softnesses and three different erasers.

Q: How is this work similar to or different from your other artwork?

Peck: The similarities to past work are few.  This piece is different than my more traditional work, but I cannot simply do the same thing everyday!   I step away from painting and draw which in turn finesses my painting.  I would have to say that one really has to get better faster because the hours of standing in the same position starts to age the body and my left hand is capable of only holding a watch, my right hand has all the talent!  However, one knows that if they are an artist or anything - you simply “do” that thing no matter what.  Because I am an artist, I do art all the time which lends itself to exploration, experimentation, new products, new content and really being ahead, or at least, in parallel with the art culture of the time.

Q: In what upcoming venues might audiences be able to see your work?

Peck: Ahhh...when it comes to shows - I am the worst!  Because I have a gallery/studio on Western [9110 N Western Avewhich is a constant upkeep, it is also a constant “show.”   I really keep my web-site up to date and interesting so that when I travel or if I need to expose work quickly then I refer to that anywhere I travel.  In the fall I have an open house and often submit work to small shows around the region.   I do work with many designers and decorators to help place my work in commercial spots.  And, I always have a show ready if asked.

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