Friday, September 24, 2010

12x12 Artist: Natalie Friedman

Natalie Friedman, Aiko, Acrylic & Collage
Q: Tell us how you created this piece.

Friedman: I created Aiko while I was mentoring another artist. I showed her how I start a collage by selecting several decorative papers that I think will work well together. Once I have some paint and paper on the canvas, I experiment with placing different elements on it. When I feel an element is right, I go ahead and adhere it permanently. I keep building and building until I feel the piece "works."

Q: How is this work similar to or different from your other artwork?

Aiko is an accurate representation of much of my artwork. Aiko  is a good example of my layering technique, establishment of a focal point, and incorporation of texture. Finally, oriental design and culture are a strong influence in my work, as you can see in Aiko.

Q: In what upcoming venues might audiences be able to see your work?

Friedman: I'm in the process of developing my website, Right now, it's only one page, but in a few weeks the entire site should be complete. Check it out for my "FAQs on Buying Art!" I belong to a number of local arts organizations, so you can see my work in shows around town. Look for me in October at In Your Eye Gallery in the Paseo District. I'll be there with three other artists.  We'll be presenting a sneak preview of a big show coming in 2011!!!

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