Monday, March 1, 2010

Art Studio Tour: Frank Campbell and Barbara Buell

Campbell received a BFA from the University of Tulsa and an MFA from the University of North Texas in ceramics and sculpture where he met collaborator Barbara Buell. For thirty years Campbell and Buell have made pottery together.  While Campbell creates the pots, Buell etches the surface designs directly onto the pots without the aid of a template.

Where you’ve seen it:
Mayfest, Blue Dome Festival and, until recently, at Dos Rios Pottery, a gallery they co-owned in San Antonio, Texas.

Ask about:
Making their own glazes, carving with bamboo tools, and creating teapots with barbed wire handles.

“I used to say that I never made one-of-a-kind pots.  It’s a lot harder to make ten pots look exactly the same.  I like that challenge.”  -Campbell

“I have a compulsion to create.  As a child I could remember drawing on a blackboard until it was completely covered and then erasing it and starting all over again.” -Buell
Guest Blogger: Sarah Jesse, Bernsen Director of Education and Public Programs at the Philbrook Museum of Art.

See working artists' spaces during the Tulsa Art Studio Tour April 10 and 11. A Preview exhibition  opens March 4, 5-8 pm at the Circle Cinema, 12 S. Lewis in Tulsa.

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