Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sustaining Momentum: Making the Most Out of a Show Acceptance

Guest Blogger Paul Mays gives some ways to build on your artistic success once you get into an exhibition like Momentum. Paul makes the extra effort to meet new people at exhibitions, offer audiences information about commissions and sales, and add people to his network.

Congratulations... What a great way to start out an acceptance letter. Good job. Pat on the back.

A considerable amount of creativity, emotion, effort, and time went into creating and documenting your artwork, finding or building a frame, deciding on a title and price, hauling the work to the Momentum site, filling out paperwork, leaving the precious creation behind, waiting, stressing, a little nail biting and finally... Validation and Acceptance, yea! Let’s tell everyone. Really! Now that the the artwork is in the show, don't loose the momentum.

Fire up the hype machine.
Social media is a must, tell everyone now and remind them later. Inform friends, family, co-workers, potential and past art buyers when and where they can view and purchase the newest artwork. Use the mailing list, don't have one, start one NOW!
Meet and greet.
Business cards, complete with artwork, are definitely better than hand scrawled napkins! These work great when meeting new people, and there are always new people. Art events are a great place to meet like minded people, artist contemporaries, patrons, buyers, and new friends.

Stake-out your work, if someone shows interest, introduce yourself and encourage questions, the insight may influence a sale. Recalling the specifics of a conversation may be difficult without a perfect memory and a pocket notebook and pen helps to remember the small details following a hectic evening. This will help to keep track of items such as names, dates and addresses.

Take full advantage of the momentum an art event can provided, this is a great time to sell artwork, promote and schedule later exhibitions. Remember that the artist is their own best promoter, marketer, and sales person.

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