Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making the most of the Momentum Market

You completed your art, properly matted and framed it, applied to Momentum, and then you were accepted! Congratulations! But wait, there is a next step! Exhibit some MORE of your art for the Momentum Market!

I've been accepted to Momentum, what kind of art should I put in the Momentum Market?
The best kind of art for the Momentum Market would be art that compliments your art in the Momentum Exhibition. Former Momentum artist, Michelle Himes-McCrory, always created works for the Market that coincided with her stylistic approach. The upper left circle of the first image shows the cards that OVAC commissioned of her artwork. The art itself was in the Momentum Tulsa Exhibition 2008. The bottom circle shows some “Chronomes” that originally show up on wood and intaglio etchings, but now they can also be bought as magnets and jewelry.

How does the market help my art in the momentum exhibition?
The Momentum Market gives emerging artists the opportunity to sell more of their art. Having artwork at many different price levels allows for a larger range of people being able to afford art.

How to display the art for the market:
An artist needs to make their art as easy to buy as possible. Michelle Himes-McCrory always has excellent displays that make her art very sellable. Look at the middle circle on the image. We see easy to read labels, Michelle’s “MEHM” label, and professionally hand packaged art.

-Guest Blogger: Kristin Gentry


Photo by Kristin Gentry

Michelle Himes-McCrory [MEHM]
An Unfinished Life 3
Woodblock Relief with Wood Burning
Image provided by MEHM

View, Purchase and Experience Artwork from Oklahoma’s Emerging Young Artists at Momentum OKC on March 5 & 6, 2010 at 410 SW 3rd in Oklahoma City. Deadline to submit art was last week and accepted artists will soon be announced here.
Works by Michelle Himes-McCrory [MEHM] in Market

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