Friday, December 11, 2009

OK Artists Inspiration & Challenges: Mazen Abufadil

Mazen Abufadil from Tulsa also finds inspiration in the expansive Oklahoma skyline. In his work Abufadil often incorporates fresco with images that are photo-mechanically produced, a technique which he has dubbed “photo-fresco,” and he said that, “The grand sky that blankets our state is a wonderful source of inspiration, and in my fresco work I feel an intimate relationship between trowel, plaster, pigment, ether and earth.” He goes on to say that the slow pace of Oklahoma life suits his work: “My work is slow, and Tulsa doesn't rush me. As a visual artist, I am fortunate to reside in an environment that complements my work and my work ethic.”

In fact, time plays a large role in Abufadil’s work. While he stressed that he doesn’t purposefully manufacture work to meet some preconceived idea, his work often focuses on the central theme of the fleeting moment, such as the transient nature of light, atmosphere, perhaps scent, and simply time. He explained the importance of time to his artists conception saying, “A fingerprint, an accidental tear in the paper, or the gouge of a trowel all leave a permanent record of the moment of the happening. I am very intrigued by that moment. That moment is the crux of the creative process, and can almost prevail over, or at least perfect the final product.” As for the challenges that Oklahoma life presents, Abufadil agrees with Campbell believing that, so far, Oklahoma has a limited local audience.

Part 2 of 5 By Katie Seefeldt, OVAC intern

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