Monday, December 14, 2009

OK Artists Inspiration & Challenges: Jason Zaloudik

Like Abufadil, Jason Zaloudik said that he doesn’t begin a project with an intended theme but that his bodies of work often revolve around politics, domestic life, and the effects of exploitation. He explained this by stating, “We are faced with these issues or hurdles on a regular basis through several channels of media and, as we all know, we are creatures of habit.” Zaloudik thinks of the artworks not as individual works but as part of a greater whole.

He also works with a wide variety of media. He stated, “I incorporate all manner of found and bought objects in sculpture and collage, as well as more traditional techniques. I try not to set limitations on resources as they can inject thoughts just as easily as any thing else tangible or not.” He illustrated his usage of non-traditional objects by listing a few surprising elements that have popped up in his work. “I have used taxidermy animals, old TV’s, full soap and conditioner bottles and skittles among other things.” Zaloudik finds the hard working middle class in Oklahoma to inspire his work. He believes that this way of life doesn’t allow for enough self reflection and interest in world matters…” While his work is often well received by Oklahomans when on display, he is still relatively unknown here. So, in the same vein as Campbell and Abufadil, Zaloudik said that as an Oklahoma-based artist he struggles with finding a devoted audience.

Part 3 of 5 By Katie Seefeldt, OVAC intern

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