Thursday, October 15, 2009

Momentum Artist: Kody Wilson

Kody Wilson, Ada
Mixed Media
Q: What was your concept behind your work?
KW: This is the first of a series of portraits in which I am applying sainthood to people whom I know. It is still a developing theme, so this first piece was sort of a feeling out process. I intend to try my best to stay away from personal details and focus more on the perfection of people whom I barely know. I want to accentuate the feeling of meeting a person and the idealized persona we attach to them before we see their flaws.

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used for the piece.
KW: I started this piece out as a drawing then added layers of text and other images as a background just to keep me from over working things. i put in a single layer of color and texture with acrylic paints and worked in some drawing into the background. The face I did in three stages. First I did the entire face in acrylic, then scrubbed some of the paint away, which made some of the aged look come through more. Then I drew in limited areas of color with colored pencils trying to capture the cheap colorized photography feel, and finally drew in with a marker some of the details to bring it all together. I did the halo last.

Momentum Tulsa 2009 includes visual art by artists aged 30 and younger. The exhibition is free and open at Living Arts, 307 E Brady, Tulsa, until October 24. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Sunday 1-5 pm, until 9 pm on Thursday and Friday.

Curators Scott Perkins & Frank Wick selected 93 artworks by 66 artists from all over the state for the exhibition. Also, three Spotlight artists created bodies of work on display, Nick Bayer, Dustin Boise, and Emily Kern. Intern Ashley Romano interviewed the artists to learn about their creative process. Watch for more profiles throughout the run of the exhibition.

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