Thursday, October 15, 2009

Momentum Artist: Angela Castro

Angela Castro, Oklahoma City

Tulsa Rocks and Saturday At Millenium Park

Polaroids, Can Openers and Photography

Q: What was your concept(s) behind your work(s)?

AC: For Tulsa Rocks, I shot some SX-70 Time-Zero Polaroids while going to a show at Cain's Ballroom. I always go to the Soundpony when I go to Cain's, which is right next door. I associate these places with good music and good times. The photograph, Saturday At Millennium Park, was captured while visiting Chicago this summer. The park had this wonderful fountain that featured different digital faces. I was looking to create a youthful and child-like piece. It was a great place to accomplish this.

Q: Explain the technique and/or process you used for the piece(s).

AC: Tulsa Rocks is a mixed media piece composed of three SX-70 Time-Zero Polaroids and can openers. The film was expired by a few years, which can create color and emulsion shifts. The vintage can openers are representing a city skyline. Saturday At Millennium Park is a digital photograph. I shot a 600 Polaroid of the scene. I let it completely develop and then held it up in front of the same scene. I focus on the Polaroid and blur the background just enough so the same locale is still distinguishable. When people are involved, it adds an extra surprise element.

Momentum Tulsa 2009 includes visual art by artists aged 30 and younger. The exhibition is free and open at Living Arts, 307 E Brady, Tulsa, until October 24. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Sunday 1-5 pm, until 9 pm on Thursday and Friday.

Curators Scott Perkins & Frank Wick selected 93 artworks by 66 artists from all over the state for the exhibition. Also, three Spotlight artists created bodies of work on display, Nick Bayer, Dustin Boise, and Emily Kern. Intern Ashley Romano interviewed the artists to learn about their creative process. Watch for more profiles throughout the run of the exhibition.

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