Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tip: Writing Artistic Proposals

Applying and proposal writing are daily jobs for artists who want to show work to the public. Artists submit proposals to win awards, grants, residencies and more. I’ve heard artists complain that this process is cumbersome, but the gold certainly can be at the end of the rainbow with money, space and community recognition.

This may be the
funniest perspective on submitting proposal by Chris Lynn, director of SPACES Gallery in Cleveland, OH (of course it perhaps is most humorous to arts administrators and exhibition organizers, not submitting artists). He outlines some of the major pitfalls in proposal writing.

Two OVAC workshops in September will offer help for artists about proposal writing. Geared toward applying for OVAC’s
Art 365 exhibition and Momentum Spotlight, workshops will take place September 10: 6-8 pm at Tulsa Artists Coalition Gallery, 9 E Brady, Tulsa and September 15: 6-8 pm at IAO Gallery, 706 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City.

Past Art 365 artist
Liz Roth will present, offering tips about what makes a successful proposal. Roth is who has participated in residencies around the world, shown her work nationwide, and received lots of grant money. She is also a professor at Oklahoma State University who teaches professional practices to art majors. An OVAC representative will answer questions about the specifics of Art 365 and Momentum Spotlight.

Register by 405-879-2400 or
online. $5 OVAC Members/$10 for non members.

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sarah makes pictures said...

That SPACES article is great. Be sure to read part 2! quote:

'Other types of exhibitions include: “Crap in a Room,” “Things That are White,” and “Trying Very Hard to Look Very Bad.”'