Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artistic Proposal Sample: Elizabeth Brown, OVAC Grant

Since artists need to write about their work to apply for great opportunities, I am going to spend a few posts focused on the nuts and bolts of artistic proposals. What better way than to show some actual proposals!? Thankfully some artists were willing to share. Below find an actual “winning” proposal and some comments.

Opportunity: OVAC Professional Basics Grant

Prompt: Statement of Purpose for Project

Elizabeth Brown

I am requesting funds for the development of a photographic space in my studio devoted to documentation of my sculptures and drawings. These funds will enable me to purchase a gradated backdrop, lights including stands and umbrellas. I will be matching these funds for the purchase of a digital camera and tripod.

This space will help to lower the cost of hiring a photographer and increase my ability to create professional level images in a timely manner.

Timeline for Project: Having recently created a new body of sculptures I hope to have this project completed by the end of August, 2009 to begin taking photographs for the development of my website, several upcoming show applications/proposals and promotional materials.

Julia’s comments: Elizabeth made this as straightforward as possible. I like that she made it clear for what the funds would pay and explained why this project made sense now (to prepare a website and several applications). This kind of clarity takes effort. Simply, what are you doing and why? In the case of OVAC grants, our purpose is to give artists funds for their careers. We just need to see that the artist is planning their project.

If you want to learn more about artistic proposal writing, attend OVAC’s Artist Survival Kit workshops on the topic coming up September 10 & 15.

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