Monday, August 24, 2009

24 Works on Paper Artists: Rob Smith

To give insight into the works included in the 24 Works on Paper exhibition, Ryan Pack has interviewed some of the participating artists about their work in the show. The exhibition opens today at the Eleanor Hays Gallery at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa. It will continue there until October 14.

Rob Smith
Do you listen to anything while you create your work? What inspires you (Be it art, music, books, movies, etc..)?
I always listen to something when I'm working in the studio. After 11:00 pm I can pick BBC radio through KWGS out of Tulsa. That's my favorite thing to listen to. Often I'll have the TV on in the studio or I'll listen to music or other radio shows. You won't find silence.

Would you care to tell us about the technique you used for your piece? And why the technique appeals to you?
As far as technique goes I've had an obsessive interest in the medium of screenprinting since 1978. I'll try other things but I always go back to screenprinting. I love the potential of possibilities with screenprinting and I enjoy the fact that I am making multiples. Creating a print involves a plan, a strategy to get somewhere with your image and being able to accept the unexpected that often happens. I sometimes incorporate metallic leafing in my prints.

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