Saturday, August 1, 2009

24 Works on Paper Artists: Dixie Erickson

To give insight into the works included in the 24 Works on Paper exhibition, Ryan Pack has interviewed some of the participating artists about their work in the show. The exhibition continues through August 8 at IAO Gallery, 811 N Broadway in downtown OKC. It will then travel the state for a full year.

Dixie Erickson

How has society influenced your art? Are there any social implications in your piece?
Game playing begins in childhood. It is a learning tool. It continues throughout life. What are the lessons we learn? What lessons would you like our children to learn and which would you not.

If you could write an artist's statement for you piece, what would it be?
This game is about going home. It is also about who gets there first. It is also about following the rules. Which rules do you follow? I have used biblical references in each final route home. Come play with me.

Do you listen to anything while you create your work? What inspires you (Be it art, music, books, movies, etc..)?
I have no music. Just the birds on the roof, the train as it whistles by and even the sound of my own voice as I talk to myself. An image or an idea that gets stuck in my head, raising questions I would like to investigate.

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