Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Artist Interview: Cassie Stover

Continuing her series of querying OVAC member artists, Ryan Pack asked Cassie Stover about her artwork.

Ryan: I've noticed that you seem to work mainly in graffiti inspired and tattoo art. Why are you drawn to these specific mediums?

Cassie: I feel a strong connection with the graffiti movement. I enjoythe overall "disregard to the rules" mindset, and the message that alot of graffiti works convey. Graffiti is often viewed as a movementby misguided youth and gangs, which appeals to my punk rock roots. Ioften identify more with low brow art. By using graffiti elements inmy paintings the work is automatically associated with my generation,because it is still a relatively young movement. I use graffiti as atool to modernize the environment, and achieve an "urban" feel to mywork.

I have been tattooing professionally for 2 years but I haveactually been interested in tattoos for some time.I acquired my first tattoo at the age of 14. Although tattoos are notas rebellious as they once were. I think tattoo imagery still reflectsa subculture, that I am a part of. I have found since becoming atattoo artist that the tattoo imagery has become more prevalent in mypaintings. I love to paint people and many of my subjects havetattoos. I am drawn to tattoo imagery because it evokes a similarfeeling to that of my graffiti elements.

More of Cassie's work can be seen at

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