Thursday, April 2, 2009

VisionMakers: Artist Interview with David Phelps

VisionMakers 2009 features 37 Oklahoma artists working in three-dimensional and high craft media.

Guest blogger romy owens has done mini-interviews with many of the featured artists. Check back here during the run of the VisionMakers exhibition for insights into the world of these artists.

VisionMakers 2009 is on exhibit at Six11 Creative, 611 N Broadway in Oklahoma City. It will run through April 30 and is open Thursday-Saturday, noon-6pm.

romy owens: How long have you been an artist?
David Phelps: As long as I can remember. I won first place in a Safeway grocery store coloring contest 45 years ago.

ro: What is your preferred media for your artwork, and why?
DP: Three dimensional work is much easier for me than 2-D work.

ro: Is this your first year in VisionMakers?
DP: I've participated in quite a few VisionMakers.

ro: How does an exhibition like VisionMakers affect your art and/or career?
DP: It provides one more venue to get my work out there.

ro: Who or what are your primary artistic influences?
DP: Katie Feck owned the farm next to ours when I was a little kid; she introduced me to the concept of art. She was a self taught oil painter. My Grandfather would commission her to do paintings. (I've still got a few of them) Growing up on the farm on Roberts Island is the greatest influence on my work. My junior college professor Bill Williams was instrumental in putting me on a path that included Humboldt State University on the North Coast of California and the University of Oklahoma where I studied with Ken Little. Ken was a great teacher of how to be a professional artist.

ro: What challenges do you face in making art?
DP: procrastination, loneliness.

ro: Where can people you don't know see more of your artwork?
DP:, Hahn Ross Gallery, JRB Gallery, Gate D of McCarrin International Airport, Las Vegas, NV

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